Love Phrases – CS Software Developing – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

DOWNLOAD IT: Let’s download this fantastic application on your Apple Device and have fun with your friends!!! Find it is simple: Just open the App Store and write “love phrases” or “marco canducci”… not else… it’s so EASY!!!! 🙂 Info on:

Thai Love Phrases – Bring me that puppy!

Damn! Bring me that puppy! ว้า เอา ลูก หมา ตัว นั้น มา ซิ Wáh! Ow lôok măh dtooa nún mah sée! Wfw: Damn! Take child dog unit that come! * The speaker on the audio is from Pattaya. * Wáh (ว้า), pronounced with a high tone (sĕeang dtree), is a rather impolite slang term. It […]

French Love Phrases for Christmas by French Love Phrases for Christmas Hi there, this is Teena Hughes and this is my quick Christmas message for the folks who have signed up for my French Love Phrases Newsletter. I include a few phrases to use over the holiday season, and I show you an easy way to translate your own phrases, […]