Love Quotes: What is Love, the true meaning of Love

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Love Quotes – What is Love, the true meaning of Love
[00:01] Love Quotes
[00:03] What is love?
[00:06] Is Love! a compelling need, like hunger or thirst?
[00:12] Or is Love! an uncontrollable sense, that drive us blind?
[00:08] Is Love! a desire for brief, ardent encounter?
[00:22] Or Love! is a seek for attachment and bonding?
[00:29] Is Love a system, we have, derived to advocate, long-term relationships
[00:39] A place where, we will feel safe and secure and able to help each other
[00:48] Is Love a non-sexual affection, for people like, friends and family
[00:55] Or is Love just to, flirt and fool around
[01:00] Is Love a bond between couple, who stick through thick and thin, with help of compromises, commitment and understanding
[01:10] Or is Love caring about others, so they will do, the same for you
[01:17] So, What is Love?
[01:20] For some Love is an obsession, and for others a lax feeling,
[01:26] Some find, eternal happiness from, Love, while for others, Love is just a pain.
[01:35] Some argue that love can be felt, rather than being expressed.
[01:42] For some, love is what sets you free, and for other its a bound that cannot be broken. even with death
[01:53] Some might think, love can be bought, and sold, for others its priceless
[02:01] For some people, its a weakness and for others, there is nothing in this world that can defy it

[02:10] Lets stick together, to find the true meaning of Love and in this journey, we will daily share, with you, the best thoughts, sayings, proverbs and quotes: from people all around the world, from people who had seen, felt and enjoyed love in all of its forms.
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