Love Words and Phrases in Spanish 😂😍💜|| Frases de amor en español

This is part of our beginner Spanish lesson serious. Maria is a Colombian Spanish teacher, that is teaching Cody who is a native English speaker, how to speak Spanish. These are fun Spanish lessons that will help you with Spanish grammar, verb conjugation, and be able to speak Spanish fluently and confidently.

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Love Words and Phrases in Spanish – Love words phrases Spanish -Frases amor español

0:35 Asking a person out in Spanish
1:31 Asking them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend in Spanish
2:07 kiss or hug in Spanish
2:33 Love words in Spanish
3:29 Quick explanation love words and phrases in Spanish

More on love words and phrases in Spanish:

Do you wanna be more than friends but don’t know what to say? After you watch this video you will…

Maybe you like that girl or guy but don’t know how to show your feelings because you don’t speak Spanish! Learn these words and phrases you can tell him or her and see how it goes.

In this video, we go over the basic sentences you can use when asking someone out, asking them to be your couple and we even include words to tell that special someone when you’re finally together.

Be careful when using the expression TE AMO in Spanish. In English, there’s only one expression you can use with both coupe and friends, but in Spanish, there’s two:

TE AMO, has a romantic meaning behind but you can also say this to your parents or your children. If you wanna tell a friend you love him or her use TE QUIERO, which has no romantic meaning behind and it’s just a friendly way to say I love you.

We are Cody(Spanish learner) a person that has tried for years to learn Spanish but still has never been able to learn the language and Maria(Spanish teacher) a language teacher from Bogota Colombia. Maria has been teaching English and Spanish in the classroom for years. She has a different approach to language learning that gets you excited and is really fun to watch. She also speaks several different languages as well.

We got together and decided to help people learn Spanish in a more fun and interesting way than just explaining a subject. Our goal is to make learning Spanish fun and different from the boring classroom experience. We try to do this through short skits and letting you learn alongside a monolingual gringo. Also, most of our videos have links to worksheets and quizzes to go along with the lessons.

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