Ukrainian love phrases (part 4)

Ukrainian love phrases
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In this video you can learn Ukrainian love phrases to say to the person you love. And, believe me it will be a huge surprise to the person you love when they hear you are talking in Ukrainian.

This is part 4 on Ukrainian love phrases and in this video im going to teach you more intimate Ukrainian love phrases. I mean how to ask for a kiss or a hug and how to say that you want to kiss or hug and some other Ukrainian love phrases.

Be sure to write what Ukrainian love phrases you like most of all and what phrases you want to learn in this next video on Ukrainian love phrases.

And i want emphasis that lots of people who are trying to teach Ukrainian language online are translating with mistakes to English. It means that before using phrases you heard from other videos you have to check the meaning. The best way to do this is to ask your teacher.

Get a trial lesson with Leo for just 7$

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